Sermon from the Back Seat

Sermon from the Back Seat

I was riding home from the Y the other day in a LYFT car when I suddenly remembered that I didn’t have my mask on. All drivers and passengers are required to wear masks.

“Oh that’s OK,” said the driver. It doesn’t bother me.” That’s when I pulled my sleeve across my face.

“Are you fully vaccinated?” I asked.

“No, I’m going to wait and see how other people do. I’m not sure these shots are safe.”

That’s when my blood pressure began to rise. Who did he think he was? Di he think he was smarter than the top medical scientists in the world? He’s a LYFT driver. Why should he question them? As I heard someone say, “Nobody is safe until we’re all safe.”

Here’s the thing he is not considering. He told me he doesn’t go around crowds, but what about the constant stream of strangers climbing into his back seat? We all may be vaccinated, but we can still be carriers. If a virus is floating around, we’ll be 95% protected, but he will be 100% vulnerable. Another attitude that makes my blood boil is the people who say they have a right to not get vaccinated. It should be everyone’s personal choice. But I say what if we all felt that way? We’d never attain herd immunity. What if people felt that way about Smallpox? Or Polio?

We have enough problems in the world that we can’t do anything about. Here’s something we can. Just roll up your sleeve and be a big boy. Maybe your mom will buy you a toy and take you to McDonald’s.

Mary Hiland

Author of

The Bumpy Road to Assisted Living: a Daughter’s Memoir


Insight Out: One Blind Woman’s View of Her Life

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