About Pippen

Mary's Dog Guide Pippen



Pippen was Mary’s third dog guide from The Seeing Eye ®.  She is ¾ yellow lab and ¼ golden retriever, which means that one parent was a golden/lab cross, and the other was 100% lab.  Pippen’s personality is 100% lab.  In other words, she’s all about food, sniffing, and bringing happiness wherever she goes.  Pippen was born in 2002, learned her house manners with a “Puppy-Raiser” in New Jersey, was trained at The Seeing Eye ®, and was paired with Mary in March of 2004.

Together, Pippen and Mary practiced walking on the sidewalks of Morristown, NJ, through parks and department stores, up and down escalators, through revolving doors, across busy intersections, and in and out of restaurants.   Pippen learned to guide Mary around obstacles, stop at curbs, and slow down for cracks in the sidewalk, while Mary was refreshed on how to handle a guide dog.  Their training together took about two weeks, but Pippen had been in training at The Seeing Eye for three months.  In “When Pippen Meets Mary,” you’ll hear Pippen’s side of the story.  “I never said I wanted to be a working dog,” she says.  “I was very happy being a stay-at-home dog, but oh no.  Somebody told me I had to go to work.”

Pippen and Mary had been a team for 8 years, and now that Pippen is over ten years old, she is retired.  In her post, “Can I Pet Your Dog,” Mary explains what that meant for Pippen.


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