Seeing Without Sight Workshops

Seeing It My Way Workshops

Presented by Mary Hiland

Take the myths out of blindness, the mystery out of dog guides, and the magic out of Braille.  

This 90-minute session of hands on interactive learning will give your children an opportunity to learn how people who are blind live their lives, how dog guides do their work, and how Braille is reading through touch.

This introduction to what it means to be blind includes demonstrations of technology, mobility aids, and the reading and writing of Braille.  Braille materials will be provided in addition to other handouts.  Bring your curiosity and your questions.

To schedule a See It My Way experience, for up to 10 students, please contact me using this form.

Learn to Read Braille

Presented by Mary Hiland

Are you losing your vision?  Are you wondering how you can live independently without being able to see to read print?  Do you know someone who is a Braille reader?  Would you like to be able to send him or her a birthday card in Braille?

Learning to read and write Braille will open a door to independence and control over your life that you never thought possible.  Imagine being able to label food items, important papers, clothing, and settings on your microwave.  High tech gadgets are wonderful tools, but they come with hefty price tags, and they’re not always as portable as you would like.  Sometimes, you just need a pencil and paper, or as in the case of braille, a slate and stylus.

Mary Hiland conducts one-on-one instruction in grades one and two Braille, in your home or in a mutually agreed upon meeting place, such as a library or coffee shop in the Columbus area.  She taylors her lessons to meet your needs, whether it is to make a shopping list or to read a novel in the dark.  You will discover many exciting ways to use your Braille skills.

For information on fees, scheduling, and learning goals, please contact me using this form.


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