TiresomeTopics in the News

Did you see Joe Blundos column in yesterdays dispatch? In it, he gave us another one of his lists. He loves to make lists, and I love reading his column. Yesterday, he talked about things that hes tired of hearing about in the media, and he invited us to make our own lists. So I did. Heres my letter to Joe.

Joe, I loved your column yesterday. As usual, you were spot on with my own list of

tiresome things in the news. You suggested we make our own lists, so even though

you didn’t ask for mine, I’m sending it anyway. This makes me feel even better than

just making the list.

1. TV interviewers who ask people who are grieving the death of a loved one how they

feel. then we get to watch them sob in misery.

2. Gay marriage rights. While I think it’s their own business what they do at home,

I’m sick of them getting in my face about it.

3. Teenagers killing each other.

4. Children finding loaded guns and killing each other.

5. People who refuse to see that loaded guns in the city are dangerous and stupid.

6. People who keep rebuilding their homes on sites that historically get demolished

by nature.

7. People who keep wild animals and reptiles as pets and then set them free. What’s

wrong with a dog or a cat?

8. People poisoning dogs and hording cats.

9. Motorists killing bicyclists. I used to love to ride my bike on roads, but now

I’m afraid that each passing driver is paying more attention to his/her phone than

to what is on the road in front.

10. Commercials on the 6:00 news about things you don’t talk about at the dinner


11. Whining about having to have an I.D. to vote.

12. Car manufacturers that keep making and selling unsafe products and then recalling

them. Oops. sorry about your death.

Thanks for letting me vent.



1 thought on “TiresomeTopics in the News

  1. My big problem with Broadcast News is that when something terrible happens (i.e. the Boston Marathon bomb, the Washington State mudslide, the latest Fort hood shootings etc.) and no one is sure of the facts yet, the newscasters still feel compelled to say something–anything–just so they keep talking, no matter how far they get from the facts. And thanks for letting Me rant.

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