Costume Changes

My day can be defined by what Im wearing.

At 5:30 or 6:00 in the morning, I roll out of bed and pull on baggy fleece pajamas over my nightgown, I throw on the coat Ive laid out the night before, according to the weather forecast, slip on my old shoes, and take Dora out to empty. Back in the house, I remove the pajamas and put on a fleece robe and slippers, and settle down to read the paper, drink my tea, and have my breakfast. The third costume is for taking Dora for a walk around the neighborhood, jeans, warm shirt, tennis shoes, jacket, gloves, scarf, and hat. There are actually 8 items on my check list before I go out the door. Besides the winter apparel for me, I need to remember the Trekker, (GPS for pedestrians) phone, key, and until recently, the gentle leader. At first, I had to make Dora wear this little strap that goes around her face, called a gentle leader, which is not a muzzle, but is a reminder to her that she needs to try to behave herself. It is often used for working through restaurants and for grocery shopping, but I was advised to use it to control her pace, which was way too fast at first. But Dora has settled down her pace now, so she no longer has to wear it. So that makes only 7 things on my check list.

After the walk, I shower and dress for the next event in the day. It might be a visit to my mother in assisted living. This means a casual, but not sloppy, outfit, not too warm, because its always too hot in those places. No need for a coat. If I have time after that, I might take Dora for a short walk in the afternoon, which means changing into sneakers and possibly a warmer jacket. On some nights, Im off to toastmasters, which is held in my church, where it is always cold, except in the summer, when its always hot. So for right now, I change into a nice sweater and slacks, put make-up on, and either boots or some sort of warm shoes that arent sneakers.

Finally, after the last event of the day, and after the last trip to the back yard, its time to get back into my robe and slippers and settle down to write or read or watch TV.

Meanwhile, Dora waits and watches and probably wonders why I keep changing in and out of this ensemble or that. With all the time I spend changing outfits, I could be doing something more useful, like tossing her toy.


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