Coming Out of Hibernation

If you’re like me and are just now coming out of “hibernation,” due to the threat of Covid 19, you are feeling a little braver to venture out into the world. What better way to celebrate that freedom than to go to an outdoor concert of classical music. This past Thursday and Friday, my friend Anna and I enjoyed beautiful music performed by the outstanding musicians of ProMusica, a chamber music orchestra.

Every summer for the past 10 years, they have offered a free concert on the grounds of the Franklin Park Conservatory. We bring our chairs and something to eat and plan to get there almost two hours before the concert begins. Musical activities for young children are offered behind the stage about 45 minutes before the concert to help them with the wait. For the grownups who would like an adult beverage they could purchase one during that time as well.

In addition to enjoying a beautiful summer night with friends while soaking up live music from both traditional and contemporary composers, we were invited to stroll among the topiary gardens outside the conservatory before the concert.

Before Anna and I settled in our chairs with our beverages, we checked out some of the creative plant artistry. On Thursday night, the conductor mentioned that one of the musicians had sat on the camel’s back and encouraged us to go take a look. . So on Friday, we did just that.

Now you might wonder how a person can sit on a camel constructed by a live plant, and so was I. The secret was that there is a set of steps behind the camel that you use to climb to find your way to the saddle. Because I’m always thinking of you, dear reader, I just had to sit on that saddle and have my picture taken. Thank you Anna for being my photographer.

The weather had suddenly changed from ungodly hot and humid to pleasantly cool, so we didn’t need the paper fans they distributed as we entered the area. You remember those fans that funeral homes had for their services? But this year, the program was printed on the fans, which made them serve double duty. Even though we didn’t need them to fan ourselves, we kept them to remind us of the names of the soloists and the pieces we heard. Coupons for discounts on tickets for their regular season were also printed on these fans, another stroke of practical creativity.

And one last appropriate addition to this lovely experience was that during one of the pieces about the beauty of spring and summer, a pair of geese flew over, honking to each other, prompting titters of laughter in the audience. But I heard the geese say to each other, “Listen Honey. They’re playing our song.”


1 thought on “Coming Out of Hibernation

  1. Cute story! I did go to the blog to see the photo. Great Idea!

    I may have told you that Autumn Rose Stables can accommodate you for horseback riding in an arena with about a 2 week notice. I will continue to try to locate a trail ride. Stay tuned for updates! Dan ________________________________

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