Three Generations Kayaking Together

A few weeks ago, my son Steve and his friend Terri introduced me to the peaceful sport of kayaking. One usually doesn’t use the adjective “peaceful” for a sport, but it applies here. Once I got the hang of paddling and the slight anxiety of being almost down in the water in a bathtub-like boat, I absolutely loved it. I’d paddle for a few minutes and then rest and revel in the quiet of the lake and listen to the occasional call of a bird, a bird I never hear in my back yard.

The sound of the water parting as my paddle came up and sprinkled a little over my legs on its way over to the other side was a soothing sound.

I loved it so much that when my daughter’s family came for a short visit after not having seen them for a year and a half, the first activity just had to be kayaking or paddle boarding or just riding on the boat with Steve. Steve and Terri were our instructors and coaches, and it was great fun to see how the two older girls took to the kayak and the paddle board. Their dad Scott, who works out daily, was a natural at the paddle board.

After I had paddled in Terri’s kayak across the lake and back, I was happy to trade with Terri, so she could coach from the water and have a little fun too, while I relaxed on the trolling boat with my face to the sun and my attention to Steve’s description of how they were doing. I loved the gentle rocking as we rounded an island, following the others in the water. Everybody loved the experience. Too bad my daughter and her youngest are victims of motion sickness, because I know they would have loved it otherwise.

As we climbed back into the car with our wet clothes and filthy water shoes, I was reminded of a saying I often quote. We must have had a good time since we’re wet and dirty. The rain held off too, and the oppressive heat backed off, so we could have dinner on the patio. What a perfect start for their long-awaited visit. Thanks to Steve for providing entertainment, so a visit to Grammie’s would be fun. 


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