Hiding in a Tree

M n D in a treeJanuary 6, 2021 was one of the worst days in our nation’s history, but I was blissfully unaware of all the ugliness that was happening at the Capitol, as Dan and I walked through the peacefulness of Pickerington Ponds Metro Park in a different part of the world. As people shouted their protests and worked themselves up into destructive craziness, we smiled at the joy that my Seeing Eye dog Dora showed in her constantly wagging tail. Once again, this was one happy dog as she gayly trotted down the trail, stopping now and then to investigate some delicious smell. Meanwhile, Dan pointed out some wonders of nature, like the couple of swans that put on a show for us, flying from one point to another on the pond.

But the special effect for me was the hollow tree that Dan spotted and encouraged me to step inside. What a weird feeling to be standing completely inside the trunk of a tree. Here’s a picture, or you would never believe it.

The sky was a flat slate of grey, and we encountered many puddles and swampy patches in the trail. But several other people thought it was a good day to go for a walk too. We all came home with muddy paws or boots, but our day was a winner compared to what Congress had to face. Please keep our world in

your thoughts and prayers. Let hollow trees, cloudy skies and beautiful swans calm our troubled hearts.

Mary Hiland

Author of

The Bumpy Road to Assisted Living: a Daughter’s Memoir


Insight Out: One Blind Woman’s View of Her Life

Available at www.dldbooks.com/maryhiland



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