Battelle Darby, 14 of 19 Metro Parks

The attraction of this park for me was that many of the trails were not paved but grass only. We were able to walk for 3 miles without any stress or pain in my back or leg. In addition, despite the sign that warned “No Pets,” I took Dora’s harness off and let her lead the way. There was absolutely no one else around, and she had the time of her life. Sometimes, it seemed as though she didn’t quite understand why she wasn’t dragging me around, but once she got the idea, her tail almost wagged itself off. I should have titled this post “Waggin’ Trail.”

Little yellow flowers all over the place and tall grasses on one side of the trail and shorter varieties on the other interested Dan, along with the huge butterflies that were constantly fluttering up as we tromped by, apparently disturbing their naps.

We had no maps, but Dan could see how one trail would loop into another and how one seemed to have a serpentine design through the field. After Dan’s fitness device announced that we had walked 3 miles, we thought we should try to figure out where the heck we were, and more importantly, where the car was. That was the most adventurous part of this hike, as tall grasses, butterflies, and an almost silent ambiance were the only features. If you want a get-away park to walk in, this is the one. All 3 of us enjoyed it without the attractions of some of the other parks we’ve visited, such as overlooks, climbing walls, beautiful lakes, and challenging hills. You can tell how relaxed Dora and I are in this photo.

Here’s what the internet says about this park.

Battelle Darby Creek features more than 7000 acres of forest prairies and wetlands. It stretches along 13 miles of the Big and Little Darby Creeks, both state and national scenic rivers. Besides the areas surrounding the creeks, there are also over 1600 acres of restored wetlands and prairies. Bison have been re-introduced to the park and roam freely within two and closed pastures.

14 Trails are listed

miles – moderate – hike – grass Three connected trails through prairies and wetlands.

We did the Harrier Loop, Rail Way & Teal

Trails, which were very easy and were possibly the wetlands, given that there was a boardwalk over one section.

This is one I’d like to go back to and try another of the many trails. 5 more parks to go.

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