Innis Woods 3rd of 19

20200702_101420Innis Woods is a charming and lovely park just north of Columbus. It’s not one where the hardbodies go to train for a marathon, but Dan and Dora and I did manage to get in 3 miles by repeating a couple of loops. Many families chose Thursday morning for an outing there, and some of them even wore masks—not many but a few older people like us. Most were smiling and friendly, except for one dad who was pushing his baby in a running stroller. He was probably trying to keep the little one asleep, so he just lifted a hand in a quick greeting.

But we were not there to socialize. We were there to give Dora some exercise that wasn’t just walking in our neighborhood. She’s made it very clear that she is bored with that. She doesn’t even want to go out for a walk unless Uncle Dan shows up. Then she’s all wiggles and yips of joy.

This park was donated by the Innis family, particularly the 2 daughters who had inherited the property. Volunteers lovingly maintain the gardens. I almost felt like I should have worn a dress and my Sunday shoes and hat. Good thing I didn’t, because as we walked along an especially narrow ledge, I got too close to the edge, beyond which was a knee-deep pool of muddy water. Oh yes. I plunged right in with my right foot. Dan pulled me up, and if he apologized once, he apologized a hundred times. He had told me several times to be careful, but he didn’t think to tell me why. I just thought he was being overprotective because of the uneven pavers, so I ignored him. Also, the plants on the left side of the walk had grown over half the width of the walk, so there really wasn’t enough room for Dora and me to walk side by side without my falling into the water. She probably looked back and thought, “Why are you in the water? Can I come too?”

Well, as I always say, if I don’t come home dirty and a little scraped up, how would I know I had a good time?

The tour of this park was not just about the miles put in. Several times, we stopped to admire the artwork. The metal replicas of sun flowers were fun to explore. I couldn’t even reach the blooms, which Dan said were very realistic. And if you’re reading this in your inbox, please go back to the website and enjoy the picture of me with the statues of the little Innis children reading a book.

It was a very hot day, but lots of shady spots along the way made for a perfect summer morning.


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