Second of 19

20200626_112559My last post described how much fun Dora and I had walking at Blendon Woods with our friend Dan. We even included a couple of videos showing off Dora’s spectacular skills at guiding me through rough spots in the trail. Turns out that Dan had just as much fun as we did, so he has suggested that we walk in all 19 Metro parks in the Columbus area. Hence the title of this post.

For our second park, we chose Sharon Woods. I had been there many times on the 3.8-mile loop, which is paved and has only one steep hill . But this time, we chose some other trails where bicycles are not allowed, and again, we had a blast. The trails were not paved, but they were not as rugged as the ones at Blendon Woods. But there were a few ups and down that made them interesting and fun. I liked that parts were gravel; parts were grass paths; parts were dirt; and parts were paved, lending a variety of tactile sensations under foot. We saw many people walking, and not a single soul was wearing a mask. I guess if you are outside and not bunched together, that’s OK. Dan and I walk a few feet apart, but not always 6 feet, but when we need to rest on a bench or consult a map, the masks go back on. This goes for riding in the car. Dora and I sit in the back seat to allow for as much social distancing as possible. When we reward ourselves with a fast food lunch, eaten in the air conditioned car, out comes the hand sanitizer. I’ll admit that the social distancing and the sanitizing are a bit inconvenient, but we do our best.

For those of you receiving this post in your inbox, you’ll need to go back to the website to see a great picture of a large tree that apparently had been knocked over in a recent storm. The roots were up in the air, higher than my head. A walk in the park, even in the city, can provide lots of unusual, even fascinating sights and experiences. The variety of plants and trees are lost on me, but getting out in the world, breathing fresh air, hearing the calls of different birds, and not walking on the same old sidewalks of my neighborhood are all refreshing treats. Dan is a dedicated describer of the visuals, so the experience is complete.

We only walked 3 miles, but it was hot, and I think the hills should count for something. The distance isn’t the goal anyway, but I suspect that as we explore more parks, we’ll get stronger.

We saw many people and their leashed dogs enjoying their walks. If you’re tired of staring at a screen all day, put on some shorts, good walking shoes, and sun screen, and maybe we’ll see you out there.

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