I love the month of February, mostly because it’s not March. It’s still winter in February, and that’s the way it’s supposed to be. But March doesn’t know what it is, just mostly miserable. February is when Ski for Light usually happens, and while I can’t go this year, I wish all my SFL friends a joyful time on the snow in Casper Wyoming. Wherever it is next year, I hope to be there. Meanwhile, I am spending my winter learning new things on the computer, a hateful task, and promoting my new book, a challenging task, Insight Out: One Blind Woman’s View of Her Life. You knew I had to get a plug in somewhere here, didn’t you?

Anyway, the reason I decided to write about February in the first place was that I wonder why so many people do not recognize the r in the middle of it. They say Febuary. Or maybe realizing they needed an r, they say Februrary. All the other months are so easy to pronounce, so there’s only one to work on kids. Try real hard now. Say Feb-ru-ary.

The good news is that it’s a short month, and March is much easier to say.

Mary Hiland



Author of Insight Out: One Blind Woman’s View of Her Life and The Bumpy Road to Assisted Living A Daughter’s Memoir

Available at Amazon.com, dldbooks, and NLS Talking Books DB 91261


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