Adventure Summit

Wright State University is holding a FREE two-day event called Adventure Summit on February 14 and 15, and I’ll be there. Attendees will learn about all sorts of outdoor activities and sports. Speakers will present stories of their own exciting experiences.

I am honored to have been invited to make a presentation. Here’s the perfect opportunity to talk about Ski for Light, tandem cycling, and the Hen Hike, three of my favorite subjects. But even more exciting is the opportunity to promote my book, “Insight Out: One Blind Woman’s View of Her Life,” because three of the chapters are devoted to these very topics. My friend Tricia has agreed to do the readings from the book, which I will select. I have a whole hour to talk about myself and to answer questions. This is a public speaker’s dream come true. I’ve even been promised a table outside the room for selling and signing books, an author’s dream come true. How exciting is that! If you live in the Dayton area, I hope you will come. Everybody is welcome, and I’d love to meet you. and of course, I’d love it even more if you’d buy my book. J But if you can’t make it to this event, you could go to

or directly to Amazon to get your copy.

Oh yes. Dora will be there, so if you’d like for her to sign the chapter on all five of my Seeing eye ® dogs, she’ll be glad to do that too.

Mary Hiland

Author of Insight Out: One Blind Woman’s View of Her Life and The Bumpy Road to Assisted Living A Daughter’s Memoir

Available at, dldbooks, and NLS Talking Books DB 91261


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