Hiking, Shopping, and Editing

The last month has taken me to everything but writing for this blog. Today I hope to fill you in, and then you will have all the news until I get inspired, or I have an afternoon free.

My annual Hen Hike, a week-long hiking trip with 9 other women, half of whom are blind, was organized by my good friend Eve in the most unlikely place for a hike—Tucson. Yes, it was hot. Yes, it was the desert. And yes, we had a wonderful time learning about the desert. And no, we did not camp. We stayed in a fabulous house with 7 bedrooms, a million pillows, giant furniture in giant rooms, with 3 seating areas outside, a hot tub, and a resident giant turtle. This year’s Hen Hike was unique to say the least. We celebrated our 20th anniversary by making plans for next year’s hike. It might be Georgia or maybe Kentucky, 2 places we have not hiked yet. The world has not seen the last of us.

The week after I returned, my daughter Kara came for a visit with the express purpose of helping me get through an extensive to-do list that included an extensive shopping list and finally, the end of dealing with papers from my mother’s long and studious life. Kara and I literally shopped til we dropped when we ran around from store to store to complete my Christmas shopping. But it was most satisfying to shop on line from my couch for many odds and ends that I needed for my everyday life. Kara put in a nonstop weekend, but she says she felt good about getting so much done, and she enjoyed a little break from her duties at home. We even had lunch one day with my son Steve, just the 3 of us. I can’t remember the last time we did that.

One of the most productive activities of the weekend, aside from finishing my Christmas shopping was revising my manuscript for my next book. Kara had read it thoroughly and meticulously, making notes for questioning me when she got here. Because I value her opinion more than anyone’s, I took her suggestions to heart, and the day after she left, I spent the next week reading and revising and sending my corrections to my editor. Thanks to Kara’s questioning comments and detailed criticisms, it’s a much better book. I hope it can be launched by Christmas. It’s titled “Insight Out, One Blind Woman’s View of Her Life.” My editor is currently sifting through the photos I sent her to include, and together, we’re choosing just the right ones to tell my story.

On this first day of December, I now have time to write, to reflect on the season, to plan my dinner with Steve’s family, to get my gifts wrapped with the help of my good friend sherri, to daydream about spending Christmas with Kara’s family, to attend several concerts, all because most of the editing is behind me, and so is most of my shopping. Did I mention that Kara helped me with that monumental task? And that, dear Friends, is the best gift of all.

For too many years, I’ve run myself ragged trying to get shopping and wrapping done, meal planning and entertaining. Celebrating the birth of Christ had to be put off until Christmas Eve, and then I was exhausted. This year, I will have time and energy, thanks to my daughter and some wonderful friends who have helped make that happen. Stay tuned as I share my anticipated joy.

Mary Hiland



Author of “The Bumpy Road to Assisted Living A Daughter’s Memoir”

Available at Amazon.com, dldbooks, and NLS Talking Books DB 91261


2 thoughts on “Hiking, Shopping, and Editing

  1. How true. Quality time with Kara is the best gift of all. Jennie and Justin came through for my sister Lynne’s funeral and house cleaning, and I can never thank them enough. Hope you can make it to the Rowdy Christmas luncheon at Chi Tai…in your Christmas sweater of course.



  2. I enjoyed your story, Mary. I have a daughter and son also. Today my daughter and granddaughter stopped by unexpectedly. They said,” We are here to help you decorate for Christmas!” Now, I really didn’t need help, but it gave them much joy to do this for me.
    Accepting gifts of love is important.

    Mary Alice Wentzel

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