Pictures on the Fridge

Kirby Ave Mary & Dogs Babe & Candy

We’ve all posted our children’s artwork on the fridge, and many of us have magnetic memorabilia that make us smile each time we open the fridge door. My daughter Kara has taken that idea to a new level.

Recently, we sorted through ancient photo albums that had belonged to my late mother, throwing out the ones that meant nothing to me or to her—photos of long-ago friends of my mother whom I never knew, because I wasn’t born yet. Some of them I have saved to go into my next book, “Insight out One Blind woman’s View of her Life,” and some Kara kept for her own collection.

Knowing it might be years before she would find the time to put them in albums or hang them on the wall, she came up with a creative idea to introduce her daughters to the people in our family who came before her.

Each day, she tapes a different picture to the fridge. It might be my grandmother. It might be me as a little girl or of Kara when she herself was a baby. When the older girls come home from school, they say, “Let’s see who’s featured on the fridge today. Who is that?”

To me, this sounds like a much better way to display those old photos. Here’s one I especially like and had forgotten. Maybe I’ll do that myself if I can get somebody to help me so I don’t hang them upside down. LOL

If you are getting this post in your inbox, the photo will not come with it, so you’ll need to go to my website to “admire” it. It’s me as a little girl posing with my two Dalmatians, Babe and Candy. Babe was Candy’s mom, and Candy was our pick of the litter. Weren’t we adorable?


Mary Hiland

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