Paying for my Dreams

I don’t happen to have thousands of dollars at my disposal for redecorating my house, so I did what most people do in my situation. I opened an account with Synchrony Bank to take 18 months to pay off the loan with no interest. Of course the catch is that if you don’t pay it off in 18 months, you have to pay 29% of the entire loan. I had done this before when I bought a new sofa, so I was familiar with the drill. I filled out the paper work to have equal payments withdrawn from my checking account. But when the first due date arrived, and no payment was withdrawn, I called the next day to complain. To make a long boring story shorter, they were going to charge me a late fee. Now I rarely yell at the customer service person, but this time, I lost it. “Oh no,” I said. “I am not paying a late fee. It was not my fault that they did not take out the payment from my checking account.” A few days later, I got a letter saying they would look into the matter. Just as I plan never to do business with Right rug again, I am never doing business with synchrony Bank again.

This upsetting exchange came on the heels of having the plumber charge me $346 to replace the seal on my toilet. $346! I’ve been told by friends that they got a completely new toilet and had the old one taken out and the new one installed for much less than that. I have a feeling that as a single female I was taken by Water Works, the company that Right rug contracts to take a toilet out and replace it when the bathroom floor is being replaced.

the next expense is going to be shaving off the bottom of the closet doors, because now the carpet pile is too high. Lucky for me, my friend from church, Paul, came over and fixed one set of closet doors and two bedroom doors, but the doors to my own closet need serious work. I hadn’t counted on that being a part of the makeover. When I casually mentioned to the Right rug man that my next project would be replacing the countertops, he wanted to take a giant leap back to the store to show me what they had. Not so fast. I have to pay off one project at a time. By the time I do that, it will be time for me to move into independent living, and I will not want to go, because then I will love my house and refuse to move.

Mary Hiland

Author of “The Bumpy Road to Assisted Living A Daughter’s Memoir”

Available at, dldbooks, and NLS Talking Books DB 91261


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