Half Price Sale at Smashwords

Who knew that the hardest part of publishing a book was not writing it but selling it? I didn’t. But I’m learning. At first, it was fun, doing book-signings, making a youtube video, and telling you about it here. Now that the flurry of activity is slowing, I’m settling down to more tedious but none-the-less important means of getting the word out about my book, “The Bumpy Road to Assisted Living,” a daughter’s Memoire.”

If you haven’t bought it yet, because you’re waiting for it to show up at your local library, or you’re waiting for your sister-in-law to let you borrow it, here’s some good news for you.

You can buy my book in ebook form for half price, this week only. Considering that these ebooks are very inexpensive in the first place, you can buy it for practically nothing, since I’ve cut the price in half, this week only. The sale ends at midnight on Saturday, March 10.

Go to


to get the book for 50% off!

In case you’ve missed my other posts about the book, here’s a 35-word synopsis.

Moving Mom into assisted living is often traumatic. When the only adult child is blind and has the full responsibility, the story is intriguing, informative, and relevant to anyone with aging parents..

If you’ve already bought my book, thank you. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Now please tell your sister-in-law about this sale.


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