Oops. Forgot to Describe

Remember when I posted “Political Savvy on January 7th about how my granddaughter Mika won honorable mention in a political cartoon contest? Well, a friend pointed out to me that I had made a serious faux pas. “You of all people…,” she said. She was right. For my sighted friends, it was no big deal. You all could just go to the link and see how wonderful it was. For my blind friends, however, I left you in the dark, pun intended. Here’s what you see when you look at this picture carefully, as described to me by my daughter.

A young woman, maybe in her 20’s, with dark curly hair, sits in a pink and red wheelchair. She’s wearing green pants and a mustard yellow shirt. The expression on her face is one of frustration and annoyance. The reason for her annoyance is that she is sitting in front of a store, which has no sidewalk across the grass to a steep flight of steps leading up to the purple front door. The steps are painted royal blue, and the letters of a sign on the brick wall are also painted the same shade of blue. One sign on the door says “OPEN,” and another sign says “CAUTION STEEP STAIRS.” and the sign on the wall says “HELP WANTED.” Now that might be enough for you to get it, why she is frustrated, but Mika made the message crystal clear, as she printed the following words on various bricks on the wall.

Unemployment, Discrimination, Bullying, Medicaid cuts, Misrepresentation, Harassment, Stigma, Abuse, Indifference, Poverty, Hate Crimes, Pre-existing conditions,

In the bubble over her head, it says “Never the less, she persisted.”

I’m sorry I forgot to describe it the first time. And I “of all people” should know better. But I was so eager to send up that post that I was like the sign saying “Steep stairs.” If you can’t get to the steps or up the steps to apply for the job, what good is it? Please forgive a proud grandma, just too excited about the achievements of her talented and politically aware granddaughter.


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