Christmas Afterglow


The decorations have been stowed away, back in the garage; the receipts have been shredded since no returns were required; the house has been cleaned, and the new sweaters and toys have found their new homes in closets and drawers. But one present will remain in full view for me to show off for many years to come.

Each of my 5 granddaughters has her unique talents and charms, but today, I want to show you the gem that Mika, the artist, has created. A year ago, a few weeks before Christmas, I sent Mika a bunch of darling photos of Dora, Dora sleeping, Dora working, Dora catching a ball in midair, Dora with her littermates…. You get the idea. I had bought a tray at a garage sale that had a glass bottom, under which you could slide a favorite picture. Because my family room is all about dogs, with pictures, figurines, statues, throws, pillows, and everything dogs, what I really wanted was a collage of photos of my Seeing Eye ® dogs. My first 3 dogs, Mindy, Sherry, and Pippen lived here before the popularity of iphone cameras invaded my life; so sadly, there aren’t many photos of these precious dogs. But photos of Dora are on multiple cameras, so she would play the leading role in this collage. In fact, it would be all about Dora. Now I could have taken these photos to some professional who would charge a fortune, but instead I sent them away to my favorite artist. I suggested in my not-so-subtle way that this would make a wonderful Christmas present. But nothing happened. I received other presents, all very nice, but no collage. And soon I forgot about the whole idea, except, that is, whenever I came across that tray with no photo in it. Oh well. I guessed it was too time consuming, and I shouldn’t have been so bold as to suggest my own present.

But surprise! surprise! When I opened my present from Mika this Christmas, there was the collage. I was much more thrilled than if I had received it last year, because it was truly a surprise. Later, when all the flurry of Christmas was over, my friend Dan took the time to describe what Mika had done to enhance the effect. Some of the photos were trimmed and placed over the top of others, giving a multi-dimentional effect. In one picture, Mika made it look like Dora is petting the top of my head. It is truly a work of art. I don’t know if you can see such detail, but I thought I’d send it out anyway, because maybe you’ll never get to come to my family room and enjoy it in person. If it doesn’t show up in the post that is delivered directly to your inbox, come back to my website, and take a look. Isn’t it adorable?


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