Political Savvy

When you think of a political cartoon, any number of odd people, preposterous situations, and injustices could come to mind. Recently, the New York Times ran a contest for anyone to enter a political cartoon. To say that my granddaughter Mika entered such a contest was surprising would be an understatement, but to say that she made “honorable mention” is a proclamation from a very proud grandmother.

And what did she choose for her subject? Here’s the link to her creation, which, BTW, was completely her own idea.


I couldn’t be prouder of this 16-year-old young lady, who has proved in her work here that she is sensitive to the needs of people with disabilities. Yes, her mother, my daughter, has taught her how to be natural and at ease around a person who is blind, but Mika has demonstrated that she understands what many adults do not. I wish you could see the buttons popping off my chest as I tell this story. Keep an eye out for more good things from this talented artist named Mika Fay.


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