Three Friends and Two Books

Today, I had my first experience as an author at a book festival. My net gain from this experience was a 3-hour conversation with my friend Dan and an appreciation for real friends. Dan was so kind in picking me up, hauling my 20 books to the book store, and sitting with me the entire time. I might have been able to do it myself, but it would have been really awkward for me. My friends Anna and Jeannette bought the only 2 books I sold today, and I am so grateful for their loyalty.

A few other people stopped at my table, and I tried to engage them in conversation about their experiences with their parents and assisted living, but in time, they each moved on without making a purchase. But Anna and Jeannette were there to show their support and to buy my book. One man, I can only describe as a character, stopped to say hello to each of us authors, and by the time he left, he had given each of us a donation, for some reason that only he understood, so I gave him one of my books. That made 3 books sold today in 3 hours. But as I said, what I gained most was experience. If I should ever attempt to do this sort of thing again, it will only be at a convention or other event where people are there specifically to learn about dementia and assisted living. So if you know of such an event, I would be happy to come and display my book or even talk about it if you like. After all, my Toastmasters experience should be put to good use.

Luckily, the weather was gorgeous, and the company was congenial, so it was a pleasant way to spend a mid summer’s day. Financially speaking, it wasn’t exactly successful, but I met some very nice people, spent some time with friends, and learned a thing or 2 about friendship.


3 thoughts on “Three Friends and Two Books

  1. I’m so glad I was able to purchase your book in person rather than on Amazon. And such a lovely day! And lovely company!

  2. Have you thought about having the social worker where Mom was have a book there and tell someone that is placing a parent how to obtain the book?? Just a thought. I bought it although I haven’t read it yet. My sister was here visiting from Indiana and when she saw it wanted to read it. She took it and read it on the plane on her return trip. She loved it. Of course it made it special because she knew your mother, too. I’m looking forward to reading it.

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