Tooting My Own Horn

Marketing my book, “The Bumpy Road to Assisted Living, a Daughter’s Memoir” is taking me down my own bumpy road. It’s rather uncomfortable telling people they should read my book, just because I say it’s really good. Of course, several people wrote glowing advance reviews, so I’m convinced it’s worth reading. The challenge is to get total strangers to buy the book and think it’s worth buying. I have a long list of marketing plans, and I’ve begun the journey by checking off many of the items.

Last Monday, I did my second talk show on closed circuit radio, one of which was VOICEcorps, where I used to work. Besides being a guest with me on the talk show, one of their best readers will be recording my book for on the air. I left a stack of “promo” cards for volunteers who remember me to notice and to pick up. I even gave one of those promo cards to a para transit driver, because she was telling me about having to move her mother into assisted living. Just think of it. I didn’t even bring up the subject. She did. Good thing I have a few cards stashed in my purse for just such rises in that bumpy road. I have 4 speaking engagements lined up, 2 church groups my TTN chapter, and a Red Hat Society. My book club is discussing my book next month. that should be interesting. I’ve given the book to the owner of my beauty shop and asked her to hand it too anyone sitting under the dryer or waiting for color to process. then there are the letters I’ve written to editors of newsletters and newspapers.

You can’t afford to be modest orr self-effacing, when you are trying to sell a product. I don’t intend to get rich, but I would like to cover my expenses. Self-publishing is not cheap, but I like the control it lends me. Even if I had a traditional publisher, I’d still have to do a lot of self-promotion.

The most exciting next step is to participate in a book festival at Grammercy Books at 2424 E. Main St. in Bexley, OH 43209. When I was working for 2 different non profit organizations, I often had to staff a booth, which was extremely uncomfortable for me. This festival is next Sunday, the 27th from 10:00—1:00, so if you’re in the neighborhood, please stop by and talk to me.

Yesterday, my granddaughter Meghan was my videographer for my first youtube production. It was fun to work on this project together. I’m thinking about writing my next book. But who has time to write, when there’s already a book waiting to be discovered? I will need to do a lot more horn-tooting before all is said and done. I’ll need to travel over many more miles on that bumpy road of promoting the book, but so far, I’m enjoying the journey.


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