On My Way to Being Famous

Did you know that I wrote a book? Did you know I’m now writing a second book, which is the first book revised? That’s why I haven’t done much lately for this blog. Since last February, I’ve been working on a book about moving my mother into assisted living. It was 391 pages long, and I thought it was fabulous. I sent it to 9 agents, with no response from any of them, and then to 1 editor, who replied almost immediately. She liked my query letter and asked to see the whole manuscript. I was thrilled. Then after a week, she wrote a very nice letter saying what an amazing person I was, blab la bla, and then the second paragraph said unfortunately blab la bla. Surprisingly, I was not upset at all. I know that many famous authors claimed that they had sent their manuscripts to hundreds of editors before 1 finally said they liked it, and then it became a best seller. So I figure I’m on my way to becoming a best seller author. I just have some work to do in the meantime.

The first thing I did was ask that editor why the heck she didn’t like my book. No, I really didn’t say that. I asked her for suggestions for improving it. I was so grateful for her reply, because she spelled it out and now I understand why it would never sell the way it was. I’m not going to go into detail about my failed attempt. I’ll just let you know when my newly revised book gets accepted by some publisher, and then I’ll be rich and famous. ha ha


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