3 girls and 2 bikes

Sunshine in March is like getting a present when it’s not even your birthday. Here in Ohio, we get one of those bonus days every once in a while, between days that are cold, windy, and grey. Last Wednesday was one of those gifts of a warm and sunny day. For me, there is no better way to celebrate a sunny day than to ride my tandem bike. My biking buddy Tricia was my captain, and our friend Jan joined us at my house on her single bike. We rode from my driveway to a restaurant in New Albany, a distance of 10 miles, almost exactly. I had asked Tricia to create a route that was no more than 20 miles, since this was my first ride of the season, and she did it. when we pulled into my driveway 3 hours later, we had 20.33 miles on the odometer. Not bad, since I wondered if my hips and back could hold up for that distance. Of course, we had about an hour break for lunch before we headed back. It was such a pleasant ride, full of girl talk. Because we weren’t riding with our regular cycling friends, we pedaled in a leisurely manner. There were no boys to try to keep up with. I say boys and girls, because when we’re on bikes, we’re young again. Only instead of talking about our kids and upcoming parties, our conversations include sharing information about retirement and Medicare. It was relaxing to feel the sun on our faces, get some good exercise, and share what has been on our minds and hearts. Talk about girlfriend therapy. We hope to make this a regular outing once a week. My goal is to increase the miles each week, so I can get back to being able to ride with the guys. But in the meantime, I’m so grateful to Tricia for being responsible for getting me back on the bike and to my doctor for finally finding the right injection to make my hips and back behave. Of course, to help make this a successful ride, I had to take a steaming hot bath afterward, followed by an ice pack on my back, but you do what you have to do to keep doing what you love to do.


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