Plenty More Where That Came From

Tipping the aspirin into my hand, I accidentally let 1 fall into the sink. I tried to retrieve it, but it had already slipped down the drain. “Oh well,” I thought. “I have this huge bottle. There are plenty more.” But when that bottle is nearly empty, I won’t be so casual about the loss of a pill here or there. It’s the same with anything we value. If we know we have plenty more where that came from, who cares if you lose some? Take money for instance. It’s easy to be generous when your wallet is full. It’s tempting to spend freely when you have plenty of money.

But what about our days in this life? Each time I let 1 slip down the drain, wasting it, I can’t be sure there are plenty more. It’s good to think of that when I make decisions about what to do or not do with each day as they come.


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