Return of the Lawn Mowers

It must be spring. The lawn mowers have roared into life. It’s very cold and windy, so I thought spring hadn’t come yet. It’s dark when I get up in the morning. When I took a walk today, I had to wear a coat, hat, and gloves. I’m still wearing black shoes and carrying a black purse. Kids are still in school. And yet, the lawn mowers are roaring. They weren’t snow shovels or leaf blowers. they were lawn mowers. I heard 3 today at 3 separate times. But I also heard birds having a party in my back yard and throughout the neighborhood. I heard kids bouncing a basketball. It’s not that I’m not ready for spring. I’ve had enough of hats and coats and gloves and keeping the house shut up with the furnace running. I still have to plant my hearty spring flowers in the window boxes. But I’m not quite ready for lawn mowers. I’m sure the guys who mow my lawn will be here by the end of the week. They’ll want to start collecting their $25 a pop as soon as it’s acceptable. My grass has just begun to turn green, and soon the little shoots will be sheared off. It’s lawn mower season all right. But’ this is Ohio. what did I expect in March?


2 thoughts on “Return of the Lawn Mowers

  1. People need to invest in battery powered lawn mowers. They are quiet, good for our environment, and save you money, and as good if not better than gas lawn mowers. Thanks for the post 🙂

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