Remember the opening song of the TV show Cheers, where “Everybody knows your name?” I wasn’t in Cheers today, but it seemed that way as I went from one activity to another.

My day started with swimming, where everybody there knows my name. It’s an hour and a half program on Tuesdays and Thursdays when the pool is closed to the public, but open for those of us who have a disability. Fortunately for me, not many people take advantage of this program, and I always have a lane to myself, so I can do laps and exercises. It feels good to be greeted by name, even though I require very little help, once I’m there. I get there by way of the American Red Cross transportation service. When my driver came to pick me up there, he had with him a man who is in training to be a volunteer driver. He greeted me by name. He told me he knew me from when he was a volunteer at the radio reading service. Sadly, I did not recognize his name, but he didn’t seem insulted, thank Goodness. Instead of taking me home, they dropped me off at the church where I vote. As soon as I walked into the voting room, I was greeted by Monique, who now volunteers there. She used to sell me Weekenders clothing. She got me set up on a machine that was equipped with voice output, so I could vote independently and privately. Just as I was finishing up and gathering my stuff in preparation for walking home, here came another lady who also knew my name. She said she was Jackie, who used to sell me Avon, and she still lives in my neighborhood. She offered me a ride home. Since I had already walked Dora and had had a good workout at the pool, I was grateful for the ride, but even more grateful that I felt like a home town celebrity, where it seemed that everybody knows my name. I guess I should sign off this way.



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