Dora’s Birthday Party

On Wednesday, July 15, Dora turned 3. It’s hard to believe that she’s 3 years old already. She was just a baby for so long, and now she’s all grown up. She still loves to play, is very athletic, takes her work very seriously, and is strong as an ox, but I have noticed a slight mellowing of personality. She is content to lie still for longer periods of time. She is not pestering me constantly to play with her toy. She has a set routine for certain parts of the day that I could set my watch by. In other words, we are quite comfortable together.

Yesterday, Dora had her 2 doggy friends Baggins and Winifred over for a birthday party. Baggins and Winifred are golden/doodles, and they don’t have a fenced in yard, so it’s a treat for them to come and romp in Dora’s back yard. They were all so excited that the first thing they all did was squat and tinkle. Then it was run run run, bark, chase the ball, pant, slop some water, chase the ball again, greet the neighbor dogs who came out to see who was throwing a party, and then do it all again. After they had got that out of their systems, they each got a Frosty Paws, a frozen treat for dogs, and yes, we all sang Happy Birthday. Baggins and Winifred brought a birthday gift of 4 enormous biscuits, and when they left, they each got a toy, that thankfully arrived via UPS just in time for the party. Dave and Kathy, who live with Baggins and Winifred, took photos and videos of the party. Sorry it didn’t work out for me to put them up here. We were blessed with a rare day of sunshine, and we made the most of it.


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