I’m still plugging away at learning to use my iPhone, and so is my friend Jane. About once a month, we call each other to chat. Neither of us is very proficient, and we proved it when one day, she accidentally used the face time feature, instead of just calling me. It was completely ridiculous for 2 totally blind people to use face time, but oh well. We laughed and chatted for a while, and then we thought we had ended the call. I started to say hung up, but we don’t hang up anymore. We ended the call, or so we thought. We said goodbye, and then I turned back to writing my blog. I was happily typing away, when several minutes later, I heard this little voice from the couch beside me say, “Mary, I’m still here.” What? I thought I was alone. Good thing I didn’t talk to myself. We tried every which way to end that call, and still, we couldn’t get rid of each other. More laughter. This was getting goofy. There she was, in that little square on my couch, telling me she still hadn’t gone away. Finally, I told her that I had to get my writing done, so I was taking her into the kitchen and leaving her on the counter. I checked back in about a half hour, and she was finally gone. I have never used face time since.

This story, along with others, is posted on the Vision Aware blog Visually Impaired, Now What, in the technology humor section, under “When Your Technology Talks Back to You.”.



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