Strolling in the Park


I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but Dora does not have a stroll mode. Last Saturday, some ladies from my TTN wellness group, walked together at Innis Woods Park. It’s a lovely setting for strolling and enjoying the beautiful landscaping and flowers.

Unlike our regular daily walks, I did not allow Dora to forge ahead at her normal breakneck speed. I got quite an isometric workout, holding her back with the harness in my left hand and the leash in my right. While we weren’t exactly hiking, we were walking at a normal speed for normal people. That meant holding Dora back too walk like normal people. We are used to charging down the sidewalk. All my dogs, except for Cisco, who didn’t last with me because of it, have walked at a very brisk pace. I’ll never forget the time that my friend Mar Sue and I went downtown to introduce my first Seeing Eye dog Mindy to her new office. Although it was a Sunday afternoon, there were people on the street, and Mar Sue got a kick out of how people would “snatch up their babies and flatten themselves against the wall,” when they saw us coming. My friend Janet says basically the same thing when we are walking together at Easton Town Center. I don’t mean to bulldoze our way through crowds, but that’s kind of what we do. My daughter would get embarrassed when my second dog Sherry would find a space between the 2 people walking ahead of us in the mall, and I’d realize we were plowing through, rudely separating them. Dogs don’t care. They just know they’ve got a job to do, and it’s full steam ahead. I know that my stride is shorter these days, and we don’t go as fast or as far as I once did, but Dora is better than any treadmill could possibly be.


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