Game On

I have many friends who are avid fans of basketball, football, hockey, and just about any other sport that involves a ball. I just never could get interested in team sports, once I grew out of whiffle ball. In fact, I wanted nothing to do with sports of any kind, as I grew up, because my passion was dance. As my eye disease, RP, progressed, dancing on stage became impossible. I turned to other physical activities, like walking, bicycling, and cross country skiing. Oh wait, now I had to admit that skiing and cycling were sports, and here I was enjoying them. Still, team sports were not my thing.

But set out a board game on the table, and I’m in. Mention Scrabble, Taboo, Tri-Bond, The 5-Second Rule, or jeopardy, and it’s game on for me.

One of my favorite games is Encore, a singing game, where you have to remember at least 6 words of a song and sing it, given a specific word or category to sing about. It’s a great team game. Last Saturday, I had 5 women friends over for an evening of “wine, women, and song.” There was much laughter and a whole lot of singing. Instead of just singing the required 6 words, when one of us would think of a song, we would all join in and sing the whole thing. What a blessing we have in the ability to make music together. But there’s keen competition in this game as well. If your team can’t think of a song with that word in it, the other team gets a turn, and so on it goes until we’re all stumped. Of course, we had to take lots of breaks for gabbing, so by the time the game was finally over, we didn’t care who won, because we were all tired, but happy.

Already, I’m considering having another party, maybe this time with Jeopardy, or Trivial Pursuit. There’s so much more to life than caring about which team has the ball.

When I was in junior high, my dad loved to go to hockey games, and so did I. But I was much more interested in their skating skills than their control of the puck. My little girlfriend and I would play in the top of the stands, doing cartwheels and cheers, instead of watching the game. When I entered my freshman year at OSU, my dad bought a season ticket for me for the football games, so I would have the full college experience. I went to exactly 1 game, and I left after the halftime show. My seat was between 2 old men, and I couldn’t see what was happening on the field, much less care about it, but my dad had good intentions. I was a drill team member for my high school football and basketball games, but I had no idea what was going on, except when they scored, and we girls would run out and do our kick line routine. I attended 1 home game with my husband, 25 years after I graduated college. He joked that I only go to a game every 25 years. In just a few years it will be time for me to go again. Meanwhile, a good game for me means a battle well fought over words, knowledge or songs. For most people I guess, playing board games is something you do after a holiday meal or when it rains on your fishing trip, but I think it’s a great way to spend an evening.


1 thought on “Game On

  1. A game night with friends can be lots and lots of fun. My problem with cards is that i have trouble remembering the card values, so to help jog my memory I made little marks on the backs of the cards and now I seem to be winning consistently.

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