I read an article about free makeovers at Nordstrom’s on Saturday. Nordstrom’s is a very upscale department store, and I never even shop there, but free is free, or so I thought. And I thought it would be a fun girlie thing to do with my granddaughters. Meghan drives now, so we went to lunch first and then headed over to Easton Town Center, where there are lots of very nice shops and 2 major department stores. The place was crawling with cars, all circling the parking lot for a place to park. It was quite nerve-racking for Meghan, but she finally found a spot. Then when she tried to straighten out, by backing up a little, cars lined up behind her, thinking she was going to leave and they could grab her spot, so McKenzie, in the back seat, had to wave them on. Then the store was packed too, and we didn’t know exactly how to go about finding a person to do our makeovers. I had to rely on the girls to FIND A PERSON TO ASK HOW WE DO THIS. They are not used to having to verbalize to me what they see, so this was a learning experience for them. They are 14 and 16. So finally, we were directed to this very nice woman who was happy to do all 3 of us. She spent about an hour, because she was the only person available, so she did us all herself. First she did me. I had worn my makeup I had been using for years , so she could evaluate my present look. Of course she was surprised that I applied my own makeup. She said I did a very nice job, but my colors were all wrong. I had been wearing 3 shades of eye shadow, including a very light pink, a mauve, and a plum, per my Mary Kay consultant many years ago. I did not wear mascara, because I always smudge it. I also had a foundation on from Mary Kay. So she proceeded to wipe everything off with their cleanser, and apply 15 more products. I’m not kidding. There were 15 products on my face when she got done, and I looked like a million bucks, but it also would cost me that much to buy all that stuff, because I finally thought to ask her what brand we were using. Christian Dior! OMG. Next was Meghan, 16, and the woman told her to stop using black eye liner. It’s much too harsh and does nothing for her. Next was McKenzie, 14, so she only did some cleanser and lipstick on her. So I took that time to mull over what I thought I really needed that day. If I only had an impartial mirror. And who should I believe, Mary Kay or Christian dior? At least the girls both said I looked better. I went with that. She told me that I was wrecking my skin by using the Mary Kay scrub every day, so I bought the cleanser. Then I bought the foundation, 2 shades of more natural-looking eye shadow, and eye liner. I did not buy the $38 lip stick, or the powder, the blush, the toner, the eye foundation, the stuff to fill in the wrinkles around my eyes or the stuff to conceal the dark circles under my eyes, or the syrum, or the moisturizer. I bought 5 things, and my bill was $outrageous! But I felt obligated to buy, since she spent so much time with us. Looking back, I should have said no thanks to most of the products and bought 1 or 2things. Could I actually be spending this much on my face? I had wanted to buy something for the girls, but my God, even a tube of lipstick for each of them would have cost me $80. So as we walked to the car, we talked about things they learned about skin care and applying makeup, but I didn’t teach them much about being prudent with my money. As an encouraging post script, I have had several unsolicited compliments since then. It would have been a good idea to post a before and after picture, but I just now thought of that. Oh well. Next time you see me, just say I look like a million bucks.


2 thoughts on “Makeover

  1. I think I said it best some time ago when I told you I thought you were lying (upwards) about your age to get a Senior discount you didn’t really deserve..

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