Always Greet Your Customer

The customer is always right. How often have you heard this statement? It’s one of the 3 rules for doing business. Yesterday, our pastor told a story about his grandfather’s store. As a little boy, our pastor asked his grandfather if he could work behind the counter. His grandfather said he could, as soon as he could make change and remember these 3 rules. Always greet the customer. The customer is always right. Always thank the customer for their business.

The point of the sermon was about serving others, but I wanted to jump up and down and applaud when he said, “Always greet the customer.” I should wear a sign around my neck saying those words when I enter a place of business. I have written before about how so many people behind a desk, whether it’s in a doctor’s office or the cashier at the grocery store seem to lose their ability to speak when I approach. I’m not asking for any special attention. Just speak to me. Greet your customer. Say hello, at least, if not, how may I help you, as my pastor was taught as a little boy. How hard is that? It’s not only good business, but it’s so helpful to me. First, it’s the way I know that there is indeed a person there to serve me, answer a question, or direct me someplace. Then I know exactly where the counter is. I have even been in a situation where my sighted companion says to me, here’s someone to help you, and they still don’t speak. I’ve also been introduced to people, people who presumably have a brain, and they remain silent, waiting for me to speak first. I extend my hand, only to find out that they are not in the place I expected them to be, and that’s embarrassing to me. If they could just have the curtesy to say hello, so I know where they are, it would be so easy. It continually baffles me why this seems to be so hard for so many people. I realize that this is the age of visuals, graphics, pictures, and eye contact. But really, has the art of speaking become obsolete?


1 thought on “Always Greet Your Customer

  1. I hate when I go into a store and feel like I’m interrupting a clerk’s life with my petty demands for whatever it is I’m trying to buy!

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