Living Room Make-Over

It was Christmas at my house today. My living room has had a make-over, and the new furniture was delivered today, so it feels like I have a brand new living space. This has been a work in progress for the past 2 months. See my post on July 20 of this year, Goldilocks Goes on a Bike Ride, where I describe how I enlisted several friends to help me find the perfect sofa and recliner.

Once I settled on the sofa and recliner, I then had to select the materials they would be covered in. Here’s where I had to trust the color sense of my friends. Risky, I know, but it’s all good. Then there was the area rug, the end tables, and the lamp. When I thought of all these beautiful new furnishings against my boring old walls, I recruited yet another friend to help me pick out paint, another one to paint the walls, and still another one to help me buy a new valance for the window. It truly took a village. Thanks Dierdra, Sherri, Lynda, Judy, Maggy, and Dan. It took a lot of planning, fretting, and praying too. I wanted to have a “tah-dah!” moment, when the furniture guys set everything in place, so first, I had to arrange for the Furniture Bank to come and haul away the old stuff. Then the carpets could be cleaned and the walls painted. Next would be the new window treatment, and then the stage would be set. I worried that the new furniture would come before the old stuff got hauled away, because the only day the Furniture Bank could come was the same day that the new furniture would arrive. I pictured my old couch being shoved into the kitchen, where it would sit all day until the Furniture Bank came, but it all worked out. Now I must invite everybody over to celebrate and admire their choices and their work. Furniture shopping was indeed work, and my friend Dan spent all week prepping and painting and making repairs where the ceiling had cracked and holes had been left from previous hanging plants and lamps. Each day of this last week, another task was complete, carpet cleaned on Monday, walls painted on Tuesday, valance hung on Wednesday, etc., building toward the finished product, a brand new room.

If there’s anything I like more than buying new furniture, it’s rearranging furniture. You’d think that a blind person wouldn’t want anything moved, for fear of falling over it, but I get bored with the same old arrangement, so I move my furniture often, for a fresh outlook on life. That’s why, now that I’ve got the living room done, it’s time to start on the family room. Only this room does not need anything new, just rearranging. That’s almost as good as a make-over. Next, we’ll tackle the garage. Wait a minute. Where did everybody go?


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