Goldylocks Goes on a Bike Ride

When you shop for furniture, do you go for comfort or style? Function or fun? I haven’t shopped for furniture in 15 years. My daughter Kara was enlisted for the task of driving me from store to store to store to find a sleeper sofa for my family room. It had to not only be comfy, but not so deep that I couldn’t touch the floor with my feet when not reclining. This doesn’t sound like a hard thing to find, unless you’re 5: 2’. That’s the height I was back then. Now, 15 years later, I’ve decided to update my living room. It all started when Cisco, my previous guide dog,

Munched on the couch cushions. I was going to wait until I was sure Dora wasn’t going to be destructive, but as I looked around the room, I realized that everything in it was about 30 years old. It was high time to bite the bullet and go shopping. So far, I’ve been to 9 stores, counting second trips to some of them, with 3 different willing and helpful friends. It’s amusing to me that when I settle on one sofa that my shopping partner likes and that seems reasonably comfortable, and then I drag another helper back to that store, the couch I liked before is awful. I find myself saying, “What did I see in this couch?” Then 1 helper likes a solid color and another one likes a print. A friend said today, “When I see something I like, I just go with that. I don’t worry about what fashion dictates.” I don’t have that luxury. I do have the luxury of having kind friends. I can only go on what fits my short little body. I’m a little woman with a little room in a little house. I find myself plopping into chair after chair, sofa after sofa, like a grownup Goldilocks. Only none of them is too big, and only 1 couch and 1 recliner are just right—I think. I need to recruit yet another helper to go back to that last store and be certain I’ve made the right decision. It’s a huge investment for me, considering the whole room is getting a make-over. I’m hoping this will be a tangible step in giving my life a makeover.

Yesterday, I got a vacation from the stress of dealing with the decline of my mother’s health and the pending enormous purchases, by going for a bike ride with 5 of my favorite cycling buddies from my bike club. It was a glorious summer day, with sunshine, light breezes, and low humidity. I mean they don’t come any nicer than that. And the way I like to spend a day like that is on the back of a tandem bike. I just pedaled all my cares away as we traveled over back roads to a little town with a popular lunch stop for locals and fellow cyclists. With helmet hair and sun screened faces, we enjoyed our lunch outside. I can’t remember a day I’ve been happier. Maybe it was the contrast; maybe it was the fabulous weather; maybe it was the great exercise; maybe it was that I had no back pain; or maybe it was being with friends my age. They all have life issues, just like me, but we left them behind for a few hours. It was good to sit on a bike seat and let Goldilocks continue my search for the perfect sofa another day.


1 thought on “Goldylocks Goes on a Bike Ride

  1. I totally understand the furniture thing….I’m only 5 foot nothing and I can’t even reach the floor when I sit on a church pew!!!

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