Blind Faith

How do you like your new sweeper? a friend asked me. Does it do a pretty good job?

I like the sweeper. Its easy to handle, and it has a longer cord than my old one, which is much better, but I have no idea if it does a good job or not. I use it, and I am barefoot when I use it, so I can tell if Ive missed something that I can feel with my bare feet, but aside from that, I have to assume that it does the job.

I have my carpets cleaned by the same company every year. Do they do a good job? I guess so. Sometimes I get a compliment on how much nicer my carpets look, after theyre cleaned, but thats all I can go on.

Do I like the way my lawn mowing guys do my yard? They show up. They run around with their big noisy mowers. I guess its okay.

Am I wearing the right shade of lipstick? Do I have too much eye makeup on? Enough? Is It smeared? I put on the makeup as carefully as I can, but how it looks is beyond my amazing talents. Once again, I must depend on others to be my human mirror. And the right shade of lipstick can varry with each observer. I havent been able to see my own face for about 50 years. How would I know what shade of lipstick looks best?

It seems that I do a lot of guessing. I depend on the opinions of others when it comes to visuals. Should I believe someone who says my house needs painting, my trees need pruning, or that I look good in blue? I guess so. What else can I do? Whether or not I act on their observations, however, is my decision.

And then there are times when I have inflicted the decision-making chore on others. I have a volunteer who takes me grocery shopping. Occasionally, I have asked her to take me shopping for household necessities. I recall the anxiety she felt when we had to pick out new linoleum for my kitchen, counter tops and cabinets. Imagine trying to describe colors and patterns to someone who doesnt really know what she wants. It was an adventure to be sure, but she held up under the pressure, and we laugh about it. Do I like my new linoleum? I dont know. It covers the bare floor, and I assume it looks all right. I have faith in her opinion. Were going out clothes shopping today. Ill tell her what I hope to find, and the rest is up to blind faith.


2 thoughts on “Blind Faith

  1. How much do you care about other people’s opinions? I’ve been redecorating the house in Early Bad Taste and so long as I’m happy with it….

  2. Hi Mary, I found you almost by accident as per my RT mentioning “Abba Pita” I wanted to find the correct spelling before mentioning it on my blog. After coming across Dialogue Magazine it was another agonizing 15 minutes or so when I decided to google abapita and voila a blog post written by you on the subject was number one on the list.

    I found it a little ironic that ABAPITA was actually an acronym for Ain’t Blindness A Pain In The Anatomy when here I originally thought the RT was saying 2 words and while I thought it was funny I didn’t “get it” until I found your article. Then it came back to me PITA stands for Pain in the…. and I realized what a ditz I am.

    I just really wanted you to know that I enjoyed your article and I thank you for unbeknownest to you setting me straight. Now I have material for today’s blog. ~Steph

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