Grapefruit Chili

This entry is dedicated to any of my blind friends who have ever had a disaster in the kitchen. Yesterday, I was making a big pot of chili for a church luncheon to be held at my house today. I had sautéd the onions and the garlic, and I had browned the meat. I had lined up all my spices, and I began opening cans of chili beans and crushed tomatoes. Because I had doubled my recipe, there were twice as many cans to deal with. I was happily emptying their contents into the pot, until I got to the last can. As I tossed what I had expected to be chili beans in with the rest, I was horrified to realize that what I had just dumped into the chili was a whole can of grapefruit. Oh, thats where that can of grapefruit had gone. I had been looking for it all week. I dont know if I was madder about the ruined chili or the ruined grapefruit.

After a whole lot of yelling and swearing, I calmly spooned the mess, by slotted spoonfuls into the crockpot, sifting out the sections of grapefruit. After adding a little more of the chili powder, I tasted the broth. Not bad, if you like grapefruit in your chili. Could I taste a slight hint of grapefruit juice, only because I knew it was there, or would it go unnoticed? There was no turning back at this point. I had invested about $15 already, and I had no way to get to the store and buy the ingredients again. I just prayed that I had managed to find each bit of fruit. And I certainly wasnt going to tell any of my guests what happened. Then they would be sure to notice the odd taste and proclaim it ahem, very interesting.

Today, as we served up the chili, I prayed, Please dont let them notice. God had smiled upon me, chuckling Himself, at my careless mistake, for everybody was enjoying the chili. I was just beginning to relax and to feel that I had gotten away with something, when one of my last spoonfuls in my own bowl held a piece of grapefruit. Oh no! I had missed one! Then I had another prayer. Please let this be the only piece I missed.

Lesson learned. Always check the contents before you dump. Another version of look before you leap. For every blind person I know, theres another story like this one. Fortunately, this one had a happy ending.


2 thoughts on “Grapefruit Chili

  1. Mary, don’t feel badly, you don’t have to be blind to do that! Been there done that! LOL! Mine is just not paying attention!

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