First Thanksgivings

Everybody has a favorite thanksgiving memory. I have 2. Last year about this time, I wrote about my Singles thanksgiving, which was one of my favorites, because it was such fun. But the most meaningful one was the first one my husband and I shared as newly-weds.

He was stationed in Charleston, SC, in the Navy, and we lived in a darling one-bedroom garage apartment. Imagine your 2-car garage, and then imagine that as the size of an entire apartment. Yes, it was teeny. My husband, Mike, was friends with a Chief Petty Officer, Chief Andrews. I dont remember his first name, because Mike always just called him Chief Andrews. He and his wife had invited us to their home many times, and they were like an older brother and sister to us. We decided to invite the Andrews over to our apartment for thanksgiving dinner. We had to set a card table up in the living room, because the kitchen table was in service as a countertop for all the food preparations, as counter space was practically non existent. The card table was probably provided by the Andrews. After dinner, the men watched a football game on our tiny TV. In later years, wed recall that day with gratitude to the Andrews. Mrs. Andrews most probably could have turned out a much better meal, and Chief Andrews could have been watching the games on his big color TV in the comfort of his own home, but they honored us by squeezing into a tiny apartment and sharing this young couples first thanksgiving together.

Speaking of first thanksgivings, my daughter Kara and I share a laugh about her first one with her husband Scott. They had just been married 1 week, and they lived near me at the time, so they joined me and the man I was dating. Kara and I shared the cooking. She insisted on cooking 10 pounds of potatoes for mashing. 10 pounds! I exclaimed. thats going to be way too much. There are only 4 of us. But Scott really loves mashed potatoes, she argued. So, we cooked and mashed 10 pounds of potatoes. Of course, we had worlds leftover, even after Scott had his fill. I especially liked this Thanksgiving meal, because it lasted for about 2 hours. One of my biggest complaints about thanksgiving is that we spend hours preparing for it, and then its consumed in a matter of minutes. But on this day, wed have our first course, pumpkin soup I think it was, and then wed go open a few wedding presents. Then wed go back to the table and have the salad. Then open some more gifts. And so it went, filling the afternoon with delicious food that was savored and appreciated and opening wedding gifts, slowly and with the attention they deserved. For me, thanksgiving is not about the food. Its about the memories that are made.


2 thoughts on “First Thanksgivings

  1. That was really touching. I just came from a First Thanksgiving (of sorts) and you are right; it’s about the companionship and love to be shared.

  2. Very lovely sentiments. I rember one thanksgiving many years ago family visiting from New York everyone waiting for dinner. I checked on the Turkey about 2 hours into cooking and it hadn’t started cook … I forgot to turn the oven on!

    But, for me it isn’t about the food , it is being with my grandchildren and have them think about what they are thankful for!


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