Extemporaneous Writing

Ready? Go. 5 members of the writers group from The Transitions Network, held pens above their papers, facing the challenge of writing for 10 minutes on a subject they each had drawn from a hat. As the 6th and newest member, I held my Braille & Speak in my lap and switched it on as the others put pens to paper. Among the topics in the hat were your favorite room, a childhood memory, autumn leaves, a 6 word history, and baby steps. The 1 I drew was serenity. This was just like table topics in toastmasters, where youre given a topic and asked to talk extemporaneously about it for 2 minutes. The keys on my note-taking device clicked softly as pens moved across papers, in response to bursts of creativity. In writing circles, its called a prompt. I knew only 1 woman at the table, my friend Anna, from toastmasters, but by the end of the evening, after hearing them read their stories in turn, and after much conversation about everything from books and movies to mental health to home decorating, I felt I had 5 new friends.

For me, keeping up with this blog is a prompt in itself, so as I prepared to write, I treated the assignment as if I needed something to post. Then I decided I would do just that. Heres what I wrote.

When you seek serenity, where do you go? To the beach? To the top of a mountain? To a babbling brook? To a symphony?

I want to escape from all the artificial noises in my life, the jangling of raucous cell phones, the clutter of voices piling on top of each other, the angry words of hateful people, the news of even more violence. I want to be in a place where I can hear God. I want to feel His warmth and understand where I am in His creation. I need to find a place where I can see clearly, hear only what is important, feel what makes me whole, know what is truth. I want to sing with purity and dance with wings of joy. But where on earth can I find this serenity? Ive been to the beach. Ive been to a mountain top. Ive been to a babbling brook, and a symphony. To find serenity, I must look within my soul.


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