Whats that beep for? I asked my friend who was driving. Thats because I was going over the speed limit. Just then, his phone emitted a brief trill. Does that mean you have mail? It meant that his brother had just sent him a text. I began to list in my mind all the electronic sounds in our lives that remind us of things our brains no longer have to do. Fasten your seat belt. One of the doors in your car is ajar. Youre getting low on fuel. Someone is sending a text for you on your phone. Heres where you left your phone. Youve just turned up the heat. Heres where you left your car. Yes, your car door is now locked. Your coffee in the microwave is now hot. Your alarm system is now engaged. Your refrigerator door was not closed all the way. Your heart rate is too high. The cake is ready to come out of the oven. The bread machine has finished the rising cycle. Your smoke detector needs a new battery.

Youd think that all these beeps would be enough reminders, but there are a few more beeps I could use. Where did I leave my Braille & speak? What did I do with my keys? Is there a light on in the living room? Is the dishwasher still on? Did I leave a burner on? Is there a person approaching me on the street? Is my shoe about to be untied? Another kind of warning beep could come when Im thinking about ordering fries, when Im thinking negative thoughts, when Im about to say something inappropriate or hurtful, when Ive forgotten to be thankful, or when Ive decided to put off an unpleasant task. But then my life would be nothing but a series of beeps all day long. Maybe there could be a chime where a reward is in order, like when I eat something healthful, when Im kind, when Ive taken out the garbage on a cold rainy night, when I remember exactly where I left my phone, my keys, my talking book player. What a noisy life that would be. If each reminder or award had a different tone, there might be music all day. And it would be up to me to determine the tune.


1 thought on “Beep

  1. Speaking as one who all-too-often drives halfway down the street then turns around & drives back to make sure I closed the garage door, I must agree with you that our modern society is definitely under-beeped

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