Garage Sale

Memories for Sale. Thats what the sign at the end of my street should say. Want to buy a chocolate fountain for $5 that I spent $90 for? It was a hit at my mothers 90th birthday party, 7 years ago. Want a great deal on toys and games for toddlers? No batteries or internet connection needed. How about booties for a small dog, that used to belong to Pippen and that she never wore? And heres a collection of Celtic music cds, I just had to have from the hundreds I bought through a music club, where youre obligated to buy so many per month and then you get so many free. Could you use 4 sundae glasses? I always thought I could, but finally decided they looked too old fashioned. Have you always wanted to learn to play an auto harp? Ive had this one for 30 years and never really learned to play it well, and besides, it was too hard to tune, and every time I picked it up to play it, it was out of tune. So out the door it goes, onto a table with other physical fragments of my life with price labels so modest that I expect them all to be gone by noon. And if they dont sell? Its not about the money, although having a few bucks in my pocket would be nice. Its about clearing out the clutter and coming to terms with the fact that my life these days requires fewer and fewer of these things. Its also about helping my friend come to terms with that fact too, so she can gain control over the clutter in her life. Its about sharing this Saturday together and meeting my neighbors. It means recovering a guest room that had become a depository for stuff I had no need for but didnt want to throw out. And, it could very possibly be a large donation of goods to a charity, come Monday.


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