The Transition Network

I am delighted to welcome you as a new member of The Transition Network, a national

organization filled with women like you who are transitioning to a new and exciting

life. This was the message that appeared in my inbox today. IT is the organization Ive been looking for and finally found. Yesterday, I paid my dues, and now Im eagerly awaiting the first meeting of a couple of small groups within the organization, which they call peer groups. I hope to be involved in the writers group and the theatre group. I have attended one meeting of the Columbus chapter group as a whole and was captivated by the energy and positive spirit in the room. The room was filled with articulate women with plans for growth, fulfillment, adventure, and learning, even though they have retired or are between careers.

When I turned 50, many years ago, I started the local chapter of The Red Hat Society. We went out to lunch, attended arts festivals, participated in 5-K walks, and went to concerts. But under my leadership, the attendance dropped and enthusiasm waned. I passed the Queenship on to one of our most active members, and under her leadership, the group blossomed into a happy and boisterous sisterhood. I was pleased that what I had started eventually turned out to be something that met the needs of these women. Sadly, it was no longer meeting my needs. I had hopes of finding new friends to do things with by starting an RHS, but I didnt have the interest in spending 4 hours on a Saturday lunch. A few months ago, I wrote about reuniting with my RHS ladies for a 10-year anniversary luncheon, and it was lovely. I almost considered joining again, but then I heard about The Transitions Network, TTN, from my toastmaster friend Anna. Anna took me to my first meeting and made sure I had people to talk to. We even went out for dinner beforehand with about 10 of the women, so I would have the opportunity to talk one on one with them, before walking into a room of 50 women. That dinner was an excellent idea, especially for someone like me, who does not do well in a large group, but loves getting to know people, one at a time. I was thrilled with the evening and was ready to write a check that very night. I sort of compulsive that way. But I knew this was exactly what I had been looking for.

The Transition Networks tag line is Embracing Change After 50. I am ready to embrace The Transition Network. You can find out if there is a chapter near you by visiting


3 thoughts on “The Transition Network

  1. Cruised their website and liked the expression, “50 and forward” versus 50 and older. I think I’ll steal that the next time I’m writing about older folks.

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