Play Date

Sometimes, you just have to kick back and let your hair down. After a long day of wearing a Seeing Eye ® dog harness and guiding around a blind woman all over the place, you need some me time. It gets tiresome always having to be a good boy, lying quietly under a desk, at her feet in a meeting, or under the table at a restaurant, without a single crumb

Cisco and Bosco

Cisco and Bosco

coming your way. There are days when you just dont feel like taking a walk around the neighborhood or walking 3 miles to the grocery store, especially when what goes into the back pack has nothing to do with treats or toys. Sometimes, you just want to be a dog. You want to tear around the back yard and bark and chase a ball. Thats why on Sunday evening, Cisco had a play date with my friends dog, Bosco. My manicurist, Sam, who works at Sharons Beauty Works, and I love to talk about our boys. We share cute dog stories and tips on where to find a good place for grooming Goldens. Her Bosco is 1 year old, a chow/Golden cross. Since I cant admire her photos, I thought Id share them with you. The boys got together for the first time on sunday and took an instant liking to each other. They chased and chewed on each other for over an hour, while Sam and her boyfriend Zac and I sipped wine on the patio and watched. As our big goofy dogs tore around the yard, we all 3 had big goofy grins on our faces. Its such fun to see the kids having fun.

Bosco gets to go to a dog park to burn off some energy, but Sam says after about 5 minutes, he is done, so we were all surprised when he and Cisco kept running and jumping and wrestling with each other. Cisco was clearly thrilled to have the doggy company. It can get pretty boring around here, just watching me read and write and do chores around the house. Even after a day of miles of walking, he seems to need to let off some steam. I do have a fenced in yard, but I dont like to let him run out there, without sighted supervision, because he is a dog after all, and he has sometimes wanted to snack on the grass or roll in something nasty. Having a play date was the perfect way to allow him the freedom to be a dog for a while and forget about being a working dog. It was fun to get to know Sam and Zac better too. As we sat inside the screened in patio, the dogs would occasionally check in on us and grab a drink of water. I could almost hear them shouting, Its too bad you guys have to sit in that cage. Its a lot more fun out here.


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