Open Doors Part 2

In my last post, I talked about dealing with doors when you have a dog guide. But what about if Im not using a dog. Theres a graceful way and an awkward way to deal with doors when youre using a human sighted guide. Heres the graceful way. Say Im holding on to your left elbow, and we approach a door that swings to the right, either way. You use your right hand to open the door. You walk through. Meanwhile, I switch hands, so now my left hand is on your left arm, and I reach out with my right hand to keep the door open for myself. Smooth. No twirling around is necessary. No backing through the door. That sounds silly, but its even sillier when it really does happen. And please dont send me through the door ahead of you, unless I have my cane or my dog.

One more comment about approaching closed doors. The absolute worst situation is when my dog and I walk up to a door that I dont know is an automatic one. Then some helpful person runs up and pushes the button to make the doors open for us. Woe. We have to jump back to avoid getting clobbered by the door. We take a few seconds to regroup, then tentatively move toward the open door. But wait. Is it still open, or is it going to clobber us from the back? Please, just let me open the door the old fashioned way, where I have control. Who knew that a door designed to aid people with disabilities could actually be dangerous for a person who cant see it coming? Who knew that going through doorways could be a topic for a blog?


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