Pressures of Our Culture

Okay. All right. I get it. As soon as the next to the latest generation of the I-Phone goes on sale, Ill be there, standing in line to update my entire life.

For the last few years, Ive protested that my little cell phone that just makes phone calls is all I need. Yes, a smart phone would be fun to have, but do I need it? No. But Im beginning to get the message that soon I will actually need one. I remember fighting against using a computer, then using windows, and now weaning myself off windows XP, and I managed to get through it and to enjoy it. I cant imagine life without email, but even that is destined to change into not being able to imagine life without texting. In fact, realizing that most of the world is in text mode, Ive been forced into stifling my instinct to communicate with background stories and descriptions that people simply dont want to take the time to read. Thank you, Dear Reader, for taking the time to read this post that is more than 45 characters long.

Ive stopped leaving messages on my sons voice mail and that of many of my friends. They dont think they have time to listen to a message and would prefer to just tap a button to call me back. Wait until I learn to text. Then phone calls will stop completely. Ive watched with amusement while my son and daughter text back and forth about where to meet for lunch, when a 10-minute exchange could be reduced to a 1-minute conversation with their real actual person to person voices. But you just dont do that these days. You also dont use conventional spelling, to say nothing of punctuation. Ive been slowly dipping my toe in these waters by using OMG and BTW and SLAP, but Im going to need a dictionary to keep up. Otherwise, Im going to appear as antiquated as using a quill pen and a jar of ink. Remember the ink well in our school desks? I bet you dont. Now Im really showing my age.

Even TV and newspaper articles dont tell the whole story. How many times have you heard or read, For the full story, go to our website. Or, Follow us on FaceBook. By-lines for columnists now include their twitter addresses. The older I get, the more I see the need to grab onto the technology train and try to hold on for dear life. I do know people who dont even have a computer in their homes, but they are missing a lot.

Or are they?


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