Many years ago, when I was losing my vision, I subscribed to a publication called dialog Magazine for the Blind. One of my favorite columns was ABAPITA, which stood for Aint Blindness a Pain in the Anatomy. People sent in funny stories about how their blindness mistakes turned into something to laugh about. Youve probably heard someone tell about how they grabbed what they thought was toothpaste and then discovered they had put Ben Gay on their toothbrush, or dipped their fries into what they thought was ketchup only to take a bite of potato covered with tarter sauce. It happens, even to sighted folks, but we who are blind get to do it a lot more often.

Last night, I had a guest for dinner, and I wanted to make a special after dinner drink, one of my favorites, Brandy Alexander, made with ice cream. Yum. Several months ago, my daughter Kara had talked me into buying an emersion blender. Its great for making smoothies and soups, she said. So I made a smoothie with it once or twice, but mostly I ignored it, not being a fan of smoothies and not wanting to make soup in this hot weather. But making a Brandy Alexander called for getting out the blender and magically creating a delectable treat. I carefully measured out the cream de cacao, the brandy, and the vanilla ice cream. I plugged in the thing that you stick down into the cup, pushed the button, and away it went. It seemed to be working okay at first, but it felt like there was something solid in the bottom of the cup. We guessed that maybe the ice cream had become packed and stuck on the bottom, so I pushed down harder, and held the button down for longer periods of time, and still, that blob remained. Then Dan took a look, and what he pulled up from the bottom was a hunk of something unrecognizable. Well duh. I had forgotten to take out the cardboard thingy that goes in the bottom of the blender cup when its not in use. It keeps the blender part in place, that is, when youre not using it. When you prepare the ingredients for your Brandy alexander, it works a whole lot better if you take the cardboard out first. The cardboard thingy looked pretty chewed up, which meant there probably were shreds of cardboard in our would-be delectable dessert drink, so I poured it down the drain. How sad to waste all that wonderful stuff, but its just one of those blindness moments. ABAPITA.

Theres a happy ending to this story. Because we had plenty of the 3 ingredients, we started over, this time without the cardboard, and it was indeed delicious.


3 thoughts on “ABAPITA

  1. Oh Mary, you gave me a good giggle! I love it when we can laugh at ourselves! We just got back from Michigan enjoying our new granddaughter. I will be trying to get all the stuff together that we talked about a few weeks ago and send it to you! Have a great week!

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