No Match for Broken Glass

Glass was everywhere. Tiny shards, slivers, chunks, and glass-dust covered the stove top and adjacent counters. Broken glass crunched under my shoes as I approached the stove to investigate. Cisco was curious too, but I shooed him out of the kitchen. Did he do this? Had he tried to steal the chicken in the baking dish on top of the stove? No. The chicken was still wrapped in foil, but now it lay on the top of the stove, without the glass baking dish. If this had been Ciscos doing, he would have grabbed the chicken and left the dish. It didnt make sense. Then I realized I had inadvertently made this mess myself. I had taken the chicken out of the oven and had turned on the burner under a pan of eggs, or so I thought. I went into the living room to read for a while until the timer went off to indicate that the eggs were cooked. But suddenly, there was a crash, as if a dish had been dropped on the floor. What on earth? The dish had exploded. As I discovered the extent of the disaster, I finally realized my mistake. Slowly and cautiously, I took moistened paper towels and began to gather up the bits of glass. Each time I thought I had made some progress, I discovered even more piles of broken glass on another part of the stove. It was time to assess the value of cleaning up my own mess and weigh it against the value of asking for help. Already having cut my fingers, and realizing that it would not only take me hours to clean up, I probably wouldnt get every piece of glass. Having someone who can see would certainly be smarter than insisting that I could do it myself.

I called the church administrator, Mary Beth, and she told me she and her son Nathan would be over in a few minutes. Soon they arrived with a broom and a powerful vacuume cleaner. Best of all, they had 4 good eyes to catch the glint of an errant piece of glass, just when they thought they had found it all. Mary Beth checked ciscos paws for possible cuts and thankfully found none. He was delighted to have company and 2 more people to admire him and play with him. I was relieved to let someone else do battle with the glass. It took them the better part of an hour, but they found glass in odd places, even across the room. Still, after they left, as I walked on the kitchen floor with bare feet, I found more shards. Ouch! Even good eyes cant find it all. So I dragged out the sweeper and vacuumed again. Then I used disinfecting wipes for the countertops and wipes for the floor on my hands and knees and still found more. I guess Ill be finding glass for weeks to come. But if I hadnt asked for help, Id still be picking up glass instead of writing about it.


1 thought on “No Match for Broken Glass

  1. A tricky business, broken glass, especially when you have a dog! If it’s ay consolation, i think we’ve all turned on the wrong burner at one time or another, and the consequences depend on a merciful god.

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