Dear Diary

Remember when youd get a diary for Christmas, and youd be ever so diligent about writing in it every night until, say, January 4th? Then when you signed up for a creative writing class, you were told that keeping a journal would keep your creative juices flowing. So you tried it for a while, but all you accomplished was pining about some lost love or how your feelings were hurt that day or how you wished you could think of something brilliant to say.

Last winter, when my friend Lynda and I wound up one of our marathon phone conversations, we vowed to keep in touch more frequently via email. But thats too vague, just like someone saying, Ill be back later, or You should come and visit sometime. We needed a commitment. We came up with keeping a daily journal, to each other. Our Dear diary became Dear Mary and Dear Lynda. Each night, I settle down with my computer and tell Lynda about my day. What happens is that its not just a report of activities, but an observation of my life that day. It makes me think about what I did with the day as well as what I think about my life. I share a lot with you, Dear Reader, but Lynda gets the inside scoop, just like when we were in high school. She keeps all my entries in a file folder, and I do the same for her. Someday, when were old, we can look back at what we wrote and sigh, with one sort of emotion or another. Oh wait. We are old already! And thats what makes our journal entries interesting reading. Its much more fun to read about Lyndas adventures with her grandchildren than it would be to hear about a kiss from a certain boy. Shes enjoying my adventures with cisco and follows my relationships with new friends. Instead of telling myself Im too tired to write tonight, I look forward to the telling, but more importantly, I look forward to the reading of her life story as it unfolds. Just like having a running buddy, or a dieting partner, we each know that the other is waiting to hear our news. And by the way, it does spark an inspiration now and then for a blog post.


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