House Work

As I write this post, my house is being cleaned. Im sitting on the patio, sipping an iced coffee, enjoying the summer breeze, while 2 people are inside, vacuuming, scrubbing, and polishing. Its not that Im lazy. Its not that Im wealthy and dont feel I should do such lowly work. I hire people to clean once a month, simply because no matter how hard I try, I cant make it sparkle the way they can.

I run the sweeper regularly to try to keep the dog hair at bay, following the same kind of pattern you would when mowing the lawn. I regularly clean the bathrooms, mop the floors on my hands and knees, and even clean the windows. Still, I miss a lot, just because I cant feel it. Stains on the counter go unattended. Spots on the wall or on the carpet, I have no idea are there. I used to have a routine for house cleaning, that I thought was adequate, like swiping at where cobwebs might be, once a week. But 2 innocent comments made me realize that my efforts werent quite meeting the mark. One friend told me that her elderly fathers house is not very clean, because he can no longer see the dirt. Hmm. Were people saying that about my house? Then one day, when the cleaners had just been here, and my daughter came in and said, Wow. Your house really looks nice, It made me wonder what it looked like before. From then on, I recognized that it was money well spent. Its important to me not to have visitors clucking over what a shame it is that my house is dirty. But it makes me feel good to. I love the clean smell and the smooth feel of the immaculate sink and countertops. Its a good feeling to know that if I invite a guest for dinner, they arent grossed out by cobwebs clinging to the corners.

I can take care of the daily chores, like washing dishes, keeping clutter picked up, and taking out the trash. Some of my sighted friends confess to not doing as well as I do in that regard. I could answer that visually impaired people, in general, keep neater houses, because it just makes sense. Its hard to find what you need, when you have to sift through clutter to get to it. But the truth is, there are tidy blind people and not so tidy blind people. Blindness has nothing to do with it. I think its more about the way our mothers brought us up.

My mother always changed the sheets on Saturdays, and she made up the bed immediately after getting out of it. There were never dirty dishes in the sink, and the kitchen floor was swept each evening after dinner. Some of that rubbed off on me, and I think some of that rubbed off on my kids.

When I am elderly, or when my kids are wealthy, Ill have my house cleaned once a week, or maybe every day. I could get used to this, sipping coffee and writing, while others do the housework.


2 thoughts on “House Work

  1. Interesting thoughts there about the nature of tidiness!
    When I was a bachelor, I lived in squalor, and now that I’m on my own again, I try to keep up the self-discipline to maintain a presentable home. the results are worth it.

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