His name is Cisco

Mary, heres your golden. Said my trainer, as she handed me the leash of a most majestic-looking creature. His name is Cisco. What an odd name for a Golden Retriever, I thought, but I was in love the moment I put both hands around his sweet face. Maybe I could change his name later, if I could think of something that sounded like Cisco, so he would still respond to me. But his name is Cisco, and it will be for as long as he lives. I had no idea how significant that name would be until I called my friends, John and Judy to tell them about my new Seeing Eye dog.

For you to understand the background of this story, I need to tell you that the Seeing Eye now has a policy that anyone donating at least $5,000 gets to name a puppy. When I heard about this, I thought, Well thats nice, but then I put it out of my mind, because Ill likely never be in the position to do that. Back to my story.

I had met John at The Seeing eye in 2004, when we were both students getting replacement dogs. I encouraged John to come to ski for Light, and he did, and he brought his wife Judy too. Weve kept in touch over the years, and in the meantime, John became a board member for the Seeing eye. We tried to arrange for them to come and see me while I was there, but it didnt work out. John sent me an email and asked me to call them and tell them all about my new dog. They were each on an extension, so I could talk to them both. Hes a beautiful Golden Retriever, I said, and his name is Cisco.

Cisco! they both exclaimed. Cisco? they both asked to be sure. Oh my gosh. We named him!

What a happy surprise for all 3 of us. I feel like part of their family now, since Im the new person in their adopted puppys life. The puppy is now over 60 pounds and almost 25 inches tall. Ive promised to send pictures and stories of his progress. They are delighted that they know and like the person who will take cisco home.

How did you come up with the name Cisco? I asked. He was named after a dog they had before Johns first Seeing Eye, and they loved that dog. They chose the name Cisco, in the first place, because it means best friend.


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